What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Bonding, Livonia

Tooth bonding or cosmetic bonding is a procedure by which a dentist makes use of a composite resin to rectify a tooth or teeth which are damaged or have become stained or yellowed. The plastic resin fits into the tooth or teeth in such a way that it looks very much like part and parcel of the original one.

What is veneer bonding?

This is an alternate to composite resin bond. This is made from either porcelain or composite. Porcelain is the more strong option between the two. However, for this, a molding has to be done beforehand. Be it a porcelain or a composite substance which you are using; the veneer is adjusted onto the tooth using a highly specific dental treatment and instrumentation.
Composite bonding does not last as long as veneers do. However, their life span is about ten years. Nonetheless, this does mean that a person should take full care of his or her oral hygiene habits during this time. Translated into simpler terms, this means that a patient should brush his or her teeth at least twice daily for at least two minutes each time. Also, dental flossing should be done at least once a day. Also, it is best to even maintain a brushing routine every time after any food or drink is consumed.
However, this may not be possible. Hence, it is best to thoroughly rinse the mouth each time after food or drink is taken in. What is very important to note is that any food item like hard candy or very sticky or hard foods must be avoided. Also, biting into things like ice cubes should not be done since these can crack up the composite substance. Always keep in mind that the composite material is strong, however, not as strong as your original enamel. Also, if a person is prone to teeth grinding or bruxism at night, this issue should be taken care of immediately by consulting a good dentist.

What other precautions must one take with tooth bonding?

Like mentioned above, tooth bonding is strong, but not as strong as the original set of teeth. Thus, take a lot of care to not open packaged food items with your teeth. This is almost certain to break up or damage the composite bonding which was done since a lot of force has to be exerted at this time. Then again, certain food and drink items like tea and coffee will even cause the composite bonding material to stain up. This will naturally not look good since the bonded area will appear as somewhat yellowish. Try to schedule professional dental cleaning now and then in consultation with your dentist. This will take care of the issue of teeth staining and yellowing. Even eating foods like beet root can stain the composite material. Hence, it is best to avoid such substances. If however, you do end up consuming them, make it a point to brush your teeth properly after this.

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