Treating Gum Disease with Scaling and Root Planing in Livonia, MI

When gum disease starts to creep in, undesirable oral complications follow. Bad breath, receding gums, swelling, and tooth loss, for instance, are popular symptoms of periodontitis. Proper oral hygiene and care are vital to prevent the rise of any periodontal issues. Aside from brushing and flossing at home, seeing the dentist for checkups and cleanings can help as well.

Many factors contribute to gum disease. One of the possible lead to the said problem is genetics. Periodontal disease that root from heredity is not preventable. However, we at Saad Smiles Dentistry can mend it. Our scaling and root planing treatment is effective in treating the early stages of gum disease.



What Is Scaling And Root Planing?

Plaque and tartar are the primary reasons why gum disease develops. If not removed, these unwanted accumulations may reside in the areas below the gumline. The result of this occurrence is periodontal problems. Scaling and root planing is an essential procedure to eliminate plaque and tartar in the mouth. The dentist will utilize the necessary tools to get rid of the debris effectively. Involved in the treatment is the smoothening of the roots to keep them healthy. The procedure is painless and straightforward, but local anesthesia is available in our office for added comfort.


How Does The Treatment Work?

The dental professional follow several steps to deliver the procedure accurately. First, a topical anesthesia gel or local anesthetic is administered on the site to minimize discomfort. Secondly, a scraping tool known as a scaler will help remove the tartar or plaque. As mentioned above, the dentist will smoothen out the tooth’s root during the procedure or perform it on the next appointment instead. Finally, the patient should rinse using the mouthwash prescripted by the dentist. The rinse typically contains anti-microbial properties to reduce bacteria in the mouth.


What Are Its Benefits?

Scaling and root planing decreases the chance of gum infections to spread. When the health of the gums is kept intact, the person is more likely to prevent the occurrence of tooth loss. Some of the great benefits of the treatment may include fresher breath, tooth decay prevention, and protection for the tooth’s root.


If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, like your sudden bleeding of gums, bad breath, loss teeth or separate teeth, contact our office at Saad Smiles Dentistry for Gum Disease Treatment in Livonia, MI. You may book your appointment by visiting us at 8810 Middlebelt Road, Livonia, MI 48150.