Things You Should Know About Oral Cancer Screenings in Livonia, MI

Oral cancer is a serious threat to the society at large. It can be made more serious because it is not easily caught until it is in its later stages. Because of this, the Oral Cancer Foundation has estimated that almost half the people who are diagnosed with the problems of oral cancer might succumb to the disease within five years. If you undergo the oral cancer screening at your nearest dental care clinic, you can increase your survival chances manifolds.

A regular dental check-up and an oral cancer screening are not any different from each other. In fact, oral cancer screening is a set of simple examinations that can be undergone along with the regular dental check up. Your dental care provider shall examine the insides of your mouth for all kinds of sores, patches- both red or white. These might be the smallest signs that can indicate oral cancer. The dental care provider shall also feel your gums and the tissues surrounding it, to check for all kinds of lumps and other signs of abnormalities.

If your dental care provider comes across anything that can be an indication of oral cancer, then they might recommend further tests or examinations. One of the tests might include you rinsing your mouth with a blue dye that can adhere to the abnormal cells in your mouth if any. Another one of these tests is you dental care provider shining a special light inside your mouth to make your abnormal tissue parts of your mouth to appear as white colored. If there are nothing abnormals, the tissue parts of your mouth tend to appear in a dark color.

Oral cancer screening should be a regular thing for everyone. You never know when you might encounter it. The screening should be accompanied with your regular dental check-ups, that is twice a year. If you are already suffering from HPV or consuming any drugs that might have suppressed your immune systems, then it can be an indication that you have chances of suffering from oral cancer. Males are much more likely to be affected by oral cancers, in comparison to their female counterparts. Especially men over the age of 55 are much more likely to be affected by the issue of oral cancer.

The two biggest factors for the problem of oral cancer are- alcohol and tobacco use.The symptoms of oral cancer can be mistaken for normal toothaches or ordinary sensitivity. They can be missed easily. But if you are experiencing pains in your teeth and jaw, or maybe a sore throat, or if you come across any sores or red or white patches inside your mouth at any given time, or maybe if you encounter Numbness of your tongue or anywhere else, then you must undergo an oral cancer screening at your trusted dental care provider. These symptoms may or may not be accompanied with difficulties in chewing and swallowing food.

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