Signs That Your Child Needs to See the Dentist Sooner in Livonia, MI

Every child is required to visit the dentist twice a year, from the moment their first tooth erupts and around their first birthday. A regular dental check-up is one way of protecting their teeth up until they grow old. It is also essential to ensure that their oral health stays in good shape. When it comes to child-friendly dental care, we at Saad Smiles Dentistry are your best partner. We are committed to providing only the best Pediatric Dentistry services for our young patients.


Pediatric Dentistry


Although a trip to the pediatric dentist should be scheduled every six months, in some cases, children may need to visit in between check-ups. Below are some indicators that your child must see the dentist immediately:

Spots present on the teeth

Sometimes the development of dental caries may cause the teeth to appear chalky. Call the dentist’s attention right away if you see broken fragments on your child’s tooth or if their pearly whites started to become brownish. Note that tooth decay is very progressive, so it needs urgent treatment.

Tooth Discomfort

A toothache should not be left unattended. You can end your child’s dental issues by allowing the dentist to perform necessary dental procedures.

Gum Irritations

Reddish, swollen, irritated, and bleeding gums especially when brushing are warning signs of gingivitis. The dentist can examine the condition and perform appropriate treatments for the problem to avoid further complications.

Parents must be vigilant enough regarding their child’s oral health. It is better to check the young one’s teeth on a regular basis. Signs like teeth sensitivity and loose teeth must also be tracked as these call for professional help as well. Good proper hygiene must be observed to keep the mouth, teeth, and gums in excellent condition, but these oral care routine can always be upgraded by taking your kids with us at Saad Smiles Dentistry!


Saad Smiles Dentistry is always ready to take action involving you and your child’s oral health. If you want to experience a secure and more child-friendly Pediatric Dentistry services in Livonia, MI, book your appointment at 8810 Middlebelt Road, Livonia, MI 48150.