Not everyone is born with a perfect smile, and many will need more help than others in the quest for it. What works for many, is to get tooth colored fillings – a dental solution that restores as well as mimics your tooth structure’s natural appearance. Having tooth-colored fillings might be for you if you are embarrassed by decayed or fractured teeth or you are simply looking to change the color, shape and size of some of your teeth. It might be the perfect solution if you are fed up with that gap between your teeth and you want to finally close it, or you need to make your teeth appear straight or even. Whatever your reason, tooth-colored fillings might just be the solution! Here are six advantages that can further convince you to get them, stat:

  1. Tooth-colored fillings provide a close match to your tooth’s natural color and appearance. They’ll make your smile look better without sticking out like a sore thumb!
  2. Tooth-colored fillings chemically bond to your tooth’s structure. This means it will not need grooves, slots, or pins drilled into healthy teeth in order to retain them mechanically!
  3. Having tooth-colored fillings means you get about 85% to 96% restoration of your tooth’s original strength, thanks to its bondings.
  4. It takes mere seconds for your tooth-colored fillings to set. Other materials will take days to harden, which will mean an interruption in your regular routine. With tooth-colored fillings, you’re good to go once you step out of the dental practice.
  5. Tooth-colored fillings are good for both front teeth and back teeth. Rest assured, tooth-colored fillings are compatible with whichever tooth it is that you need covered.
  6. If for any reason your tooth-colored fillings get damaged, all you need to do is have them repaired.

So if you’re looking to have a beautiful, even set of teeth that’s best highlighted with a megawatt smile, you should definitely consider getting tooth-colored fillings!

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