Smile Makeover

If your smile is no longer turning as many heads as it used to, you might want to consider getting a smile makeover. More than putting on makeup or trying out a new hair color, a smile makeover is the most natural change that you can do to improve your looks.

What Goes Into a Smile Makeover?

Smile makeovers have different factors that are taken into consideration. These will pretty much depend on and coincide with what your smile goals are. Along with your dentist, you first need to analyze what aspect of your smile needs to be changed or improved on in order to pinpoint the specific procedure to be done:

  • Stained or yellowing teeth can be improved with teeth whitening, while natural-hued composite restorations are ideal replacements for amalgam or silver dental fillings.
  • Teeth spacing and alignment: Crooked teeth or teeth with gaps or are overlapping will require straightening and alignment, most likely through orthodontics work or veneers.
  • Missing teeth: Not only will it make your smile less lovely, but it can also negatively impact your bite and increase the risk of tooth decay. These can be remedied by dental bridges, implants, or dentures.
  • Thin lips, unshapely cheeks: If gravity is doing a number on your face, orthodontic work or even oral maxillofacial surgery can be applied as there are specific procedures that will do a lot to rejuvenate your overall smile and face.

Working With Your Dentist

When considering options for a smile makeover, it is very important to work closely with your dentist regarding the cosmetic decisions that you need to make. You may have particular or very specific concerns, but ultimately the dentist will weigh whether it is indeed the direction to take or it might impact another aspects of your mouth or face that an alternative might be necessary.

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