If you’ve been skipping out on your dental treatments and have been neglecting to perform good oral health care practices, chances are you will need dental sealants. Dental sealants are actually a quite simple and painless procedure.

Sealants come in liquid form and harden into a shield that acts as a protective barrier on your tooth. Putting it on is quite simple. First, you undergo regular teeth cleaning at the dentist’s. Second, after the tooth is thoroughly cleaned, it is then dried with cotton padded all around its surface. This prevents saliva from re-moisturizing your tooth. Third, a solution is brushed on the tooth to make it slightly rough. This will make the sealant adhere more thoroughly to your tooth. Fourth, your tooth is rinsed out and then dried. Additional cotton is again placed around your tooth to keep it dry. Fifth, your dentist brushes on the liquid sealant and allows it to harden in a matter of seconds. After this, the sealant is in place!

Sealants are important because it is a good way to avoid tooth decay. While fluoride in toothpaste as well as in drinking water protects your teeth’s surface, your back teeth will needed additional protection because they work hard at chewing food that might get stuck and develop germs later on. With sealants, you reduce the chances of getting tooth decay. Think of it as an extra form of protection that keeps your teeth from rotting sooner than they probably should! In the long run, you get to save money as well because you will be able to avoid having to pay for crowns, fillings, and caps that are used to fix or cover up decayed teeth.

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