You may have already booked an appointment with your dentist for your bi-annual dental exam, but that does not mean you have to wait to see him then when something untoward happens to you. There are many reasons for needing to see the dentist earlier than your appointment; ignoring the symptoms of dental issues can lead to greater damage:

  1. Tooth abscess or infection. If you suddenly develop a toothache that is accompanied by a fever, coupled with foul smells, swelling and a sore found on the side of your gums, you may have a dental abscess that will require an emergency dental checkup.
  2. Broken denture. Whether by accident or through every day wear and tear, a broken denture warrants a trip to the dentist to have it replaced.
  3. Knocked out or broken teeth. Sports injuries come to mind whenever broken teeth are mentioned, and just to ensure that the trauma is contained and the right medication or treatment is employed you should make it a point to go to the dentist right away.
  4. Orthodontic emergencies. When a bracket or a wire gets loose or broken, when there’s something wrong with your headgear, when there is a general feeling of soreness that you can attribute to your orthodontic apparatus… all these will mean a trip to the dentist to get things fixed or remedied.
  5. Pediatric emergencies. Children get into all sorts of scrapes, and these include pediatric dental emergencies in the form of knocked out tooth, root fracture, tooth displacement, and even the common toothache. As children usually cannot fully verbalize what they feel, it is best to seek the advice of a dentist to determine the cause as well as the solution to their condition.

So the next time you find yourself feeling or experiencing any of these symptoms, you know that the next thing you need to do is make that emergency trip to the dentist to get yourself checked out!

Our practice at 8810 Middlebelt Road Livonia, MI 48150 is ready and able to assist you in cases of emergency dental exams.