Dental Implants & Implant Restoration

While we’ve certainly seen a lot of revolutions in the field of dentistry, there is nothing quite like the phenomenon of dental implants to improve the lives of people everywhere. Before dental implants were possible, people who wore dentures had a limited solution to their tooth problems – limited in that they were not able to chew a variety of foods, which in many cases can be considered as a limitation to their quality of life.

Dental implants come in the form of a titanium screw that is fused to one’s jawbone in a process called osseointegration. Dental implants are far more superior than dentures or bridges because it helps to preserve what real teeth you have left. Other options require the cutting of the good tooth structure in order to be installed, or being affixed to permanent teeth, which leaves them severely weakened as they are forced to bear the brunt of chewing forces.

An implant, on the other hand, gives the jawbone a lot of stability without having to damage the teeth. Its long-term success rate is at an impressive 97 percent, which is pretty high! Dental implants have also worked out the problem of not being able to eat anything without hesitation. Dental implants are applicable for one missing tooth, or even more depending on the size and the quality of your jawbone. The longer your implants are, the fewer of these you will need to act as support or replacement of natural teeth. They are also very easy to maintain, requiring the same kind of oral health care as regular teeth through regular brushing and flossing.

Today’s implant technology provides the best treatment solution for people looking for a great smile and better functionality when chewing and speaking.

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