Cosmetic Bonding

Have you ever heard of cosmetic bonding? This is when a composite resin plastic that’s tooth-colored is applied in order to repair a number of tooth problems such as decays, chips, fractures, and discoloration. This is also used if you want your teeth to look longer, close noticeable gaps between teeth, and is a nice alternative to amalgam fillings.

Are You a Candidate for Cosmetic Bonding?

Here are some of the other factors that will help in determining whether or not cosmetic bonding is for you:

  1. You are not a smoker, a coffee or tea drinker. The bonding material used is porous, so if you engage in any of these habits then you run the risk of staining the composite resin or giving it a yellowish appearance.
  2. You engage in habits that could end up wearing out the bonding material used in cosmetic bonding. If you are the type of person who bites on your fingernails or frequently chews or gnaws on pens and pencils there is a chance that you might chip off the bonding material – especially if it is located on your front teeth. While cosmetic bonding is tough enough to last for a good number of years, having a biting habit will shorten its lifespan and you will find yourself needing additional repairs a lot sooner than you initially thought.

As you can see, there are a few requirements that need to be met for those looking at cosmetic bonding as the solution to their dental woes. If you fully satisfy this relatively short list, then by all means get a schedule to have this treatment as soon as possible!

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