Feeling anxious about an impending dental checkup? If this is something that you keep making excuses to get out of – stop. A routine dental checkup is something that everyone needs to do once or twice a year – and with good reason:

  • A routine dental checkup cleans what you can’t. On your dental checkup, special tools and equipment are needed to remove all the plaque buildup and other germs that you cannot remove with daily brushing. When left on your teeth, these things will cause your gums to erode and open to door for more teeth, gum, or mouth-related illnesses and concerns.
  • A routine dental checkup updates you on the state of your overall dental health. Dentists don’t just clean your teeth – they monitor their health and clues you in when there are health-related issues or concerns that may arise and need addressing. You may think that your teeth look great, given the absence of cavities or plaque – but it takes a professional eye to let you know if your gums are in good shape or if your teeth’s enamel are still functioning as strongly as they should.
  • A routine dental checkup is an opportunity to find out if there are changes to your regular dental practices. Depending on what the doctor sees, you will know whether or not you will need a special kind of toothpaste, be fitted for mouth guards, be required to take additional vitamins and more to address any sort of concern about the state of your teeth and overall dental health. This is important, because these adjustments to your dental routine might not be easily obvious to you!

As you can see, there is no reason to be anxious about a trip to the dentist. In fact, a regular dental checkup just might be what you need to ensure that your teeth and your overall dental health is in tiptop shape!

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