Sedation Dentistry

If the mere thought of seeing your dentist twice a year sends chills up your spine, you’ve also probably thought of using sedation in order to combat your fear of any dental procedure. There are a variety of techniques that dentists employ to help their patients relax during surgeries or dental treatments, which is important because it ensures that the dentist is able to concentrate on the job at hand.

Providing Solutions to Combat Anxiety

Sedation dentistry is brought out not just to help remove the sensation of pain that usually accompanies a number of dental procedures, but also to ease and provide comfort to patients who are likely to develop anxiety at the thought of undergoing said dental procedures. However, not everyone can just sign up for some form of sedation.

First, you must be able to secure clearance from physicians from certain conditions such as hypertension, respiratory diseases, cardiac diseases, and more. A thorough look at your medical history will also help the dentist make the appropriate decision as to which type of dental sedation should be used on you.

Options Available

  1. Laughing Gas – nitrous oxide is a type of inhalation analgesia that helps alleviate pain without putting you to sleep. It is very safe and used in most dental practices. Some are also coupled with local anesthetic injections to make the procedure virtually painless.
  2. Enteral Sedation – this comes in pill or liquid form that is taken orally. It is also sometimes used along with nitrous oxide and works to calm your nerves about the upcoming dental work.

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