Professional Fluoride Application: What is it? Livonia, MI

Regular brushing, proper flossing, and mouth rinsing are remedies in making the teeth healthy and stable to prevent damage. However, despite the best efforts in making the teeth clean, there are still possibilities that a person can develop tooth decay. At Saad Smiles Dentistry, we provide Fluoride Application Treatment to add protection and make the patient’s teeth healthy.

What is Professional Fluoride Application?

Fluoride is a mineral can also be found in foods, water, and toothpaste which helps in strengthening the enamel of the teeth preventing any damage and decay to the teeth. However, do you know that fluoride is also obtained by applying it directly to the teeth? The process is fluoride application; it refers to the use of fluoride varnish to coat and protect the teeth from any damage and decay. Also, if the person is already suffering from cavities, fluoride application slows down the decay process until you get the proper treatment.

Professional Fluoride Application Procedure

Fluoride application is a quick, easy and noninvasive procedure. The procedure involves the use of fluoride varnish (rinse foam, varnish or gel form) through a small brush “painted” on the surface of teeth. After the application, the varnish will be sticky at first but will harden quickly when in contact with saliva. After completing the procedure, the varnish will be dried for hours, and then it must be brushed off to eliminate yellow color due to fluoride varnish.

Importance of Fluoride Application

Fluoride application is essential since it does the following:

  • Restore Minerals to the tooth surface
  • Prohibits the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause damage and decay
  • It strengthens the teeth preventing the bacteria from penetrating
  • Decrease the risk of developing cavities

Tips on How to care for your Teeth after Fluoride Application

  • Brush and floss the teeth regularly
  • Avoid sugary and acidic foods and beverages
  • Avoid Smoking
  • Maintain fluoride application by visiting the dentist twice a year

Fluoride application is essential in keeping the teeth healthy and sturdy. If you are a patient who has a  high risk of developing cavities or if you are already suffering from such dental issue, visit your dentist to for fluoride and other appropriate treatment to prevent the damage from spreading.

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