Have You Booked a Trip to the Dentist in Livonia, MI?

Getting a dose of fresh air in the mountain is a good way to unwind. Soaking in the clear, blue water at the beach gives you a relaxing escape after five-day straight paperwork. Booking a trip to one of your favorite destinations is an ideal reward for your ever hardworking self. But if you want to do something for the benefit of your smile, it pays to book an appointment at the dentist.

How can you unlove a healthy and bright smile? It is what awaits after visiting us at Saad Smiles Dentistry for cleanings and routine checkups. It only takes two gloved hands of our dental hygienist to give you excellent oral health. We understand that you are already faithful to your oral care regimen and that as much as possible, you always strive to follow the right brushing techniques – but are they enough? Always remember that professional teeth cleanings are more advanced than the routine that you do at home. Let us give you some facts about this specific dental care service.


Dental Checkup


Professional Teeth Cleaning: What Are The Truths?

A cleaning performed by the dentist is distinct from the ones done at home

Although both have the same goal – to free the mouth from plaque and other particles – professional teeth cleaning is executed with the use of dental tools. These pieces of equipment are designed to clear stubborn residues on the teeth. They are not the typical toothbrush and floss; these tools are usually made of stainless material. The three most frequently used cleaning paraphernalia are the mirror, scaler, and polishers.

Professional teeth cleaning enhances the person’s general health

Before the hygienist cleans the patient’s mouth, the dentist will first assess their oral health condition. Dental professionals may sometimes spot signs relating to a particular health issue. And since it is detected early, that problem will be treated on time. In addition to the benefits of professional teeth cleaning, this service also decreases the patient’s chance of suffering from heart disease, stroke, and diabetes in the long run. Why? It is because the procedure prevents the rise of periodontal disease which links to the conditions previously mentioned.

Other benefits of the treatment:

  • Erases mild stains on the teeth
  • Protects the person against oral malodor
  • Promotes strong teeth and jawbone
  • Halts the appearance of cavities


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