Dental Facts Your Kids Will Love in Livonia, MI

Calcium, mineral salts, and phosphorus are not just found on foods; they are also present in the teeth! Kids normally have 20 baby teeth. When they get old, those temporary pearly-whites will eventually fall out, making room for the 32 permanent teeth. Teaching children at a young age the significance of taking care of their oral health to prevent tooth decay and cavities is important. To boost their interest in proper dental hygiene, sharing them positive dental stories and fun facts about the teeth is a great way. Here are exciting teeth truths that your kids will surely love:

George Washington’s False Teeth

Did you know that the first president, George Washington, had fake teeth back then? He used to have rotten teeth until his dentist suggested to take them out. Surprisingly, nine dental professionals tried to provide him with dentures. However, only one found favor in the eyes of the president. He finds it very comfortable wearing those false teeth made from a cow, hippopotamus, and walrus teeth that his dentist made. He loved it so much that even in the day of his death, he wore a set in his mouth.


Toothbrush Made from Twigs?

Ancient people had a bizarre way of cleaning their teeth. They used to chew on a twig’s tip until it starts to produce small strands. Once the fibrous twig begins to spread out, they utilized it like the modern toothbrush. The weird tool was named “chew sticks.”


The Different Flavors of Toothpaste

People in the past had a very different type of toothpaste. To clean their teeth, they make use of ashes, chalk, charcoal, honey, and lemon juice. Aside from these strange flavors, they also find dried and rough things such as crushed eggshells effective in keeping their pearly-white smile.

Encouraging your kids to give importance to their oral health is possible. By being a good example to them when it comes to brushing and flossing, reading them good dental stories or facts like these mentioned above, and bringing your little ones with us at Saad Smiles Dentistry for Pediatric Dentistry services, you’ll get them highly motivated in keeping their mouth, teeth, and gums healthy!


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