Dental Facts Worth Knowing for Better Oral Health Care in Livonia, MI

Oral health care is something that should not be neglected. Aside from practicing proper hygiene and care at home, professional attention is highly needed as well. Here are things dentists want every patient to know.


Dental Check up


Root canal treatments do not have to be a fearful experience

With the advancements in technology, the procedure is as painless as having a tooth filled.

Proper nutrition is also essential to achieve excellent oral health

The mouth is home to various bacteria that can combine with the foods that patients eat. If substances with high sugar and starch contents are consumed, it is more likely to lead to the development of cavities. It is best to observe proper nutrition that both body and mouth friendly for overall wellness.

Oral complications can be the culprit for bad breath

People who experience bad breath, medically known as halitosis, may have their dental problems to blame. Using dental products like mouthwash would not get rid of the problem, it will only be masked temporarily. Seeking the attention of the dentist is necessary for them to pinpoint the cause accurately. Proper treatments would then be advised for its effective cure.

Dental checkups may include oral cancer screenings

Oral cancer is a serious disease that can develop in the throat, lips, and mouth. Despite this, if the condition is diagnosed and treated as soon as the early signs manifest it is often highly curable. Undergoing regular oral cancer screenings is only one of the reasons why seeing the dentist every six months is important.

Changing toothbrush is necessary

A toothbrush is most effective if its bristles are in great shape. After three months of its use, the device is more likely to wear down which is why the dentist recommends its replacement during this time. For people with gum disease, switching out every four to six weeks is advisable to prevent bacteria from accumulating on the oral device. Patients who are sick are recommended to rinse their toothbrush with hot water after every use and change it afterward.

Maintaining excellent oral health is easy

Contrary to what others think, oral health care does not require too much effort from the patient. As long as they practice adequate oral hygiene, proper nutrition, and regular dental appointments, their dental health condition can stay in top shape.

With all being said, make sure to schedule an appointment at Saad Smiles Dentistry every six months for our dentists to perform all the necessary actions concerning your overall oral health.


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